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The St. Louis Callers Guild aims to broaden its horizon by establishing a Regional Callers Guild, with the participation of several Callers who have demonstrated their eagerness to join.


Given the proliferation of online meetings in modern times, we have a unique opportunity to make this plan feasible. We believe that such a move will provide us with a diverse range of opinions and suggestions from a variety of callers. Furthermore, it will enable us to acknowledge the dancers and organize multiple caller events. Our annual FREE Dancer Appreciation Dance in December, which was a resounding success in St. Louis, is an excellent example that can be replicated in cities such as Kansas City, Macon, Springfield, St. Joseph Missouri, and others.


I am eager to explore the possibility of organizing an all-day or two-day event.


Currently, we do not charge any membership dues or fees, and the joining requirements are minimal. However, we do ask that you are presently calling at least one dance every three months.


To be frank, we cannot hope to solve all the problems in square dancing, but we can certainly make our cherished activity more enjoyable for our current dancers.


If you would like to contribute to establishing such an entity, we would be grateful if you could inform us of that by replying to this email. 




Romney Tannehill


President, St. Louis Callers Guild

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